Today’s Catch

We typically stock the following items on a daily basis and other items are available with a couple of days notice.


Wild Gulf ShrimpMedium 31-35ct $10.99
Large 21-25ct $11.99
Jumbo U-15ct $13.99
Shell Oysters$6.00 dozen
Wild Caught
Rappahannock River Oysters
$13.99 Pint
$27.00 Quart
$50.00 Half Gallon
$90.00 Gallon
Counts available by request
ClamsLittleneck $5.00 doz
Topneck $6.00 doz
Dry Scallops$16.99 10-20ct
Mussels$3.95 lb
Snow Crab Legs$8.99 lb (large)


Atlantic Salmon$10.99 lb.
Black Bass$6.99 lb.
Catfish$8.99 lb.
Cod$9.99 lb.
Croaker, Perch, Porgies$4.99 lb.
Deboned Trout$9.99 lb.
Flounder$14.99 lb.
Grouper$15.99 lb.
Haddock$9.99 lb.
Halibut$20.99 lb.
Mahi$14.99 lb.
Snapper$13.99 lb.
Steelhead Trout$13.99 lb.
Swordfish$14.99 lb.
Tilapia$6.99 lb.
Tuna$15.99 lb.


Crabcakes$6.50 each
Seafood Salad$6.99 lb.
Salmon Cakes$4.50 each
Cole Slaw$4.99 lb.

Serving the seafood needs of Salem and the Roanoke Valley