Holiday Prices

Holiday Shellfish Prices

Oysters$14.50 pint
$29.00 quart
$50.00 half gallon
$95.00 gallon

$7.99 dozen
$55.00 1/2 bushel
$95.00 bushel
Shrimp$10.99 lb (21-30ct shell on)
$11.99 lb (21-30ct peeled and deveined)
$13.99 lb (11-20ct shell on)
$14.99 lb (11-20ct peeled and deveined)

Holiday Party Trays

All shrimp are wild caught, peeled and deveined.
Small Tray (Medium / Large Shrimp) 42 - 50 ct$27.99
Medium Tray (Medium / Large Shrimp) 84-100 ct$49.99
Large Tray (Medium / Large Shrimp) 126-150 ct$74.99
Small Tray (Jumbo Shrimp) 28-40 ct$32.99
Medium Tray (Jumbo Shrimp) 60-80 ct$59.99
Large Tray (Jumbo Shrimp) 90-120 ct$89.99

Please call ahead for Christmas orders (540) 387-3474, because it gives us a number to go by during the biggest seafood time of the year.

We also carry crabmeat, crab legs, clams, mussels and a wide variety of fish and other seafood related species.

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